Include messaging with group video calling into your LMS for distant learning, telemedicine,

marketplace, food/goods delivery or any other app or service.

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Have it all in messenger

Your clients don’t want to call you or even visit your website anymore when they study, apply for medical consultation, buy goods, or place an order. Today people want to review, pick, communicate, pay and track an order in a simple and convenient mobile messenger.

Public IM services, including business accounts, live in the cloud, but not in your private cloud, and you do not control, who tracks communication with your consumers and collect consumer habits and other sensitive data that directly impact your business and your customers.

Your own branded messenger

Doing business via messenger is very convenient for both you and your customers, but when you use cloud messenger service from other vendor you weaken your ties with customers, as customers see the messenger brand first every hour and they care less what real source they get the goods or services from. When you use cloud messenger service from other vendor you weaken your brand power.

Have your own mobile messenger to really control and enhance all your communication, data and payments with your consumers. It is easy. You already have your branded mobile app, right? Integrate TeamSpirit messanging platform into it.

Source Code

TeamSpirit is not a cloud service, but a complete set of text messenger’s source code, from UI to backend, which quickly enables rich, engaging messaging experiences in your company’s mobile app. Create your own chat-based space to communicate with your customers and employees via single interface by TeamSpirit platform integration with your existing mobile app.

Messaging that works

We offer the full set of text chat features to best fit requirements of your customers.

  • personal and group chats;
  • messages with photos/pictures;
  • messages with attached files;
  • media attachment (audio/video) played without leaving the app;
  • cloud file storage enabling;
  • stickers;
  • creating chat rooms;
  • editing a message;
  • deleting message after sending;
  • tracking a user’s status: “online” and “is typing”;
  • alerts “join/leave”;
  • tracking a status of a message: “sent”, “received”, “have been read”;
  • sharing contacts and location info;
  • adding messages to favorites and forward them;
  • in-app notifications (with an option to mute);
  • personalization: avatars, name/nickname, description.

In-app use cases

  • In-app secure one-to-one, group, or live event in-app chat
  • E-Learning & Collaboration
  • Healthcare
  • Social & Entertainment
  • Food Delivery
  • Marketplaces
  • IT / DevOps


With TeamSpirit messenger platform enterprises, retail, banks and finance organizations re-gain complete control over their vital communications with their customers having IM server behind their firewall with existing security and IT policies.

TLS and SSL are supported.

The customer and enterprise data is under your total control and can be safely transferred over the VPN channels with end-to-end encryption to comply with the high security standards in big corporations, legal and financial organizations.

The server administration panel enables management of groups, users and permissions to prevent data leakage. System administrator can set up limitations for each client and set quota for a certain organization.


Consumers IP addresses, usage patterns, interests, buying habits, contents of the messages sent — public cloud services know more about your clients than you do.

In contrast, self-hosted TeamSpirit provides the benefits of mobile instant messaging and group video calls without sacrificing privacy, since you control IM server.


Put your brand on mobile apps based on TeamSpirit platform. So, your clients and employees can communicate and collaborate within mobile communication application that is compliant with company’s corporate identity and requirements.

Group Video Calls

TeamSpirit seamlessly integrates with the VideoMost SDK to support group video calls with up to 100 interactive video participants in one room. TeamSpirit supports up to 16 video windows on a smartphone screen (both iOS and Android).

Scalable video coding used by VideoMost SDK ensures the best voice and video quality even on unstable Wi-Fi/3G/4G networks

Third party hardware and software interop including Polycom, Cisco, Avaya, Huawei and Microsoft Skype/Outlook/Exchange is supported based on international standards and open protocols.


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